Style: Natural Wedding photography

Whilst the most important parts of your wedding day for a traditional photographer might be key events such as the signing of the register or family portraits after the vows, a natural style of wedding photography will focus on spontaneous moments, or images that paint the wider picture of the emotions of the day.

Natural wedding photographers will understand that many couples like to have a few traditional family group shots. However too much formal photography interrupts the natural flow of the day. In my wedding photography style I work to keep any time spent on these group shots to a minimum, so that the majority of my time is spent capturing natural moments and real emotions. My focus is always on capturing authentic moments - I call it honest wedding photography.

You don’t see photo-journalists asking people to re-run their movements so that they can capture just the right image for the national press. Journalistic wedding photography is the same. Events are allowed to unfold naturally.

For the same reason, reportage photography doesn’t use artificial lighting aids. By relying on natural light for wedding photography, I can better capture the mood of the day without interference.

I shoot with short lenses, to get in amongst the action, searching out spontaneous moments of emotion and touch, an approach that encourages the most natural style of wedding photography. You can see more about my wedding photojournalist style here.

Many more couples prefer to opt for natural style weddings these days, and natural light wedding photographers are thus much in demand. If you would like to book me for my natural style of shooting weddings, take a look at my wedding packages.



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