what is Reportage Wedding Photography?

Reportage wedding photography is one of a number of fashionable terms to describe storytelling wedding photography. Other terms in common use include documentary wedding photography and wedding photojournalism.

Just as news reporters record events without interfering or altering their course, reportage wedding photographers do the same. This style of wedding photography is thus characterised by unobtrusive photographers and an absence of direction or prompting. This allows the natural emotions of the day to flow unrestricted, providing opportunities to capture a wide variety of candid shots.

Good reportage style wedding photography will paint the complete picture of any featured scene. In this image, the focus is on the father of the bride, proudly watching his daughter with slightly teary eyes. By shooting the father through the couple exchanging their vows, with the guests all standing, behind, the context of the father’s emotions is clearly given.

Reportage wedding photography of proud father watching bride make marriage vows

In my work as a reportage wedding photographer I have learned to slow down, to absorb the emotion and details of a scene as it unfolds, and to scan for the best location from which to capture that context. Why don’t you check my availability for your wedding?

This image is typical of reportage style weddings: in the foreground is the mother of the bridge arranging a bridal bouquet whilst behind two of the bridesmaids are completing their outfits. Reportage wedding photography such as this enables the bride to recall the atmosphere during this key part of the day, and will also permit the groom to understand what his wife-to-be was doing in the hours leading up to their vows.

Reportage wedding photography of bridal prep

Opting for a reportage style of wedding photography can result in truly moving images of the day’s events. I believe that reportage style wedding pictures truly are worth more than words.

You can see more examples of my work in my reportage wedding photography portfolio.