Tom Hunt’s Forgotten Feast – food too good to waste

Tom Hunt’s Forgotten Feast – food too good to waste

Tom Hunt’s Forgotten Feast is a roaming restaurant that supports the ugly, the unwanted and the unloved. It creates an unforgettable celebration of taste that champions the use of wild foods, wasted foods and foods that have been forgotten or ignored by the modern world.”

The recent Wells Food Festival included an Autumn Banquet by Tom Hunt’s team which was supported by the Sustainable Food Trust.

The centrepiece of the lunch was pork from a pig brought up entirely on food waste and cooked nose to tail – affectionately named Paddy by the folks at Ellises Farm where he was reared.

Other menu items ranged from local wild game and foraged herbs, “imperfect” vegetables and hedgerow fruits as well as local products donated by allotments.

The cooks worked until almost midnight the preceding evening in their pop-up kitchen. They returned early the next morning in several more layers, having learned that an unheated marquee in October can be on the chilly side!

As the day wore on an increasing number of helpers joined the team. Am amazing atmosphere of calm reigned, despite the need to juggle an impressive selection of recipes, and all of them in quantities to serve 180 guests.

So much of the food we are surrounded by could be put to more productive use. Our apathy alone is wasting huge amounts of edible food.

What a great way to communicate this – hats off to Tom Hunt’s Forgotten Feast!

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