New year, new website, new direction

Harmony: a way forward

I am very excited to launch my new website and, with it, a change in direction for my work.

My photography journey has been a varied one: my interest in capturing emotions supported initial forays into portrait and event work. This soon let to the development of a documentary style for weddings as I strove to expand the opportunities for getting out with my camera. Although I felt there was huge potential for me in that field, and I loved the work, I did not enjoy the weekends away from my family. Moreover, deep in my heart, I knew that it was not where I really wanted to be with my photography.

It is important to me to work with those whose beliefs and principles align with my own. I also have a desire to effect positive change in the world through my images. Marrying those two objectives together has already inspired my work with sustainable agriculture, and now additionally the theme of harmony which I intend to develop over the coming year (more of this in a future blog).

We human beings are motivated to change our behaviour more by emotions than by economics. Yet images that shock rarely elicit such change.

When we feel good we are more likely to be giving of respect and compassion: to ourselves, to others and to the natural world. In order to change people’s behaviour I believe that we must encourage positive emotions.

This is the aim of my Instagram feed and its theme: The Joy in Little Things: images that make us smile, making us feel good about ourselves or the world around us.

Over the coming year and beyond I will be working to highlight the hidden beauty of the world around us. My images will aim to inspire others to work with nature,  not battle to control it; to encourage compassion for all living beings; and to align how we live with nature’s universal principles of sustainable systems and perpetual cycles, without waste and pollution.

This website is still very much a work in progress, but it felt right to launch it as such. My photography is also a work in progress so both can now evolve hand in hand!

Please do check back regularly for new images and more blog postings.