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Portrait shooting with Patrick Holden

I had the pleasure recently of spending a day with Patrick Holden, at his dairy farm on the West coast of Wales, to fulfil a brief for the Sustainable Food Trust who needed some images of him for media purposes. Patrick played a significant role in the growth of the organic movement in the UK through his involvement with the Soil Association in the 1990s. More recently he has set up the Sustainable Food Trust in response to a need he perceived to deal with a wider range of challenges than those being addressed by organic practises alone.

Patrick Holden kissing his cow

The legendary Jane Bown

Had lunch yesterday with Jane Bown, the legendary black and white portrait photographer who has worked for The Observer for many years. Jane’s work is a great inspiration to me and of a style and quality that I strive to emulate. For those who aren’t familiar with her work please follow the link below for further background.