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Are you living in harmony?

Mahatma Gandhi once said that “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony”.
But how many of us think one thing and say or do another? Feelings of fear, guilt or obligation often get in the way. Or sometimes simply the business of living.

the unbridled joy of childhood

Cream of Galloway: lessons in sustainable farming

Whilst up in Scotland a couple of weekends back I took the opportunity to add an extra day for a visit to Cream of Galloway, David and Wilma Finlay’s farm at Rainton near Castle Douglas. I had been introduced to the farm by the Sustainable Food Trust, who were keen to have some images of the farm to use in a blog feature later this year.

Cute newborn lamb in field

A nature reserve all to myself

Keen to take advantage of a sunny and dry morning, a combination which has been somewhat rare in the West of England of late, I took myself off to Catcott Nature Reserve on the Somerset Levels yesterday.

Calm at Catcott nature reserve, Somerset levels

Time to slow down

I believe that our lack of compassion for each other is at the heart of today’s sustainability issues. It’s about our interaction with other members of the human race, not just our interaction with the natural world.

Leopard tortoise, Okonjima, Namibia