A business model to reflect how much you truly care about the world

A business model to reflect how much you truly care about the world

I was struck by this article in today’s Guardian Sustainable Business Blog: The Galway pub with free beer for those who lend a hand.

It tied in neatly with a recent article by Lakshal Perera in the March edition of Professional Photographer. The article is not on-line as yet but I will post a link here if it becomes available.

Both support the concept of non-monetary exchange for work. The former bases its entire business model in Ireland on the idea. Local residents all contribute using their particular skill (and are valued for it, be it carpentry, bar-tending or even evening entertainment), and then reap the benefits of pub, workshop and dormitory facilities in return.

Somewhat closer to home in career terms at least, if not in physical location, Australian wedding photographer Lakshal Perera expounds the benefits which come from occasionally accepting barter in place of cash for his work. For him the benefits include being exposed to people and activities outside his normal circle and the opportunity which such cashless trades give him for moving outside his comfort zone and providing personal enrichment.

Lakshal has already traded his photography for benefits as diverse as honey from a family of beekeepers, homemade t-shirts, helicopter rides and overseas travel.

Two salient reminders that there are people all around us who may not have much money but have plenty of other things of value which they can exchange.

Would love to hear your comments. And if you are after a photographer for your upcoming wedding but are struggling on a tight budget, let me know what alternatives you could offer for my time. My mind is always open!